Sewer Work Update

The Borough Engineers are working with ADS Environmental Services to perform various tasks such as manhole inspection and flow monitoring to comply with Consent Order mandates.

ADS field crews have been authorized to perform work in the right-of way and utility easements, including sewer system manholes on private property (front or back yards, common area, etc.)

ADS is scheduled to complete nighttime flow isolation work on Thursday morning, May 11, 2023 from midnight to 5:00 a.m. AND Friday morning, May 12, 2023, midnight to 5:00 a.m.  This work may be rescheduled due to rain.

The streets in the work area include Greenwood, North Duane, Cobb, Linshaw, Noll, Valois, Hodgson, Union, and West Prospect Avenue, as well as Center and Joel Street, Perez and Cloud Way, and Winloch Avenue.

Door hangers were delivered to residents who are within the area where work is being completed.

All field crews will be using marked vehicles and wearing identification showing them to be employees of ADS.  At no time will ADS crews ask or be allowed to enter private homes.